Our Brand,
Our Mandate

We are redefining our brand story, join us as we take you through its authenticity. Experience the phil hallmark direct style with this guide

A Resilient Past and An
Admirable Accomplishment

The Phil Hallmark trade name has been a legacy for over three decades in the city of Benin. The trade name has been known for the right source for quality retail outlets. Therefore being one of the trusted retail businesses in the numerous retails businesses in Southern Nigeria.

The company, following its success in its business offline and in its physical stores, saw an opportunity to join the digital age and bring the business online. Therefore leading to Phil Hallmark adding the DIRECT service to her success story and calling it "Phil Hallmark Direct" The Phil Hallmark Direct brand will be identified as an icon of service to assist customers who want to shop at the comfort of their domain.

To visually present the Phil HallmarkDirect brand, a customized, designed shopping cart was created as an icon to further give value to customers' shopping experience on and off-line. Subtly combining words to give multiple platform usability to the brand.

The Phil shopping cart icon is completed with the text "Hallmark Direct'' to form a logo. This combines two important factors in logo design. Firstly, to be identified through an icon and to be worded accordingly.