Old logo small

The Logo

First to be identified through an icon and worded accordingly.

The Phil Hallmark Direct logo, modified from the most recent logo that reads as Phil Hallmark Direct in FREDOKA typeface, in three lines carrying a shopping cart. In terms of size, arrangement and originality. The logo represented the idea of what it was made to project but does not fit into a scalable format as a logo in this new age.

In redesigning with consideration of the interest already identified in the previous logo. An icon and a text set, closer feel in concept was initiated. The new logo eliminated one level in the four steps build up and customised its shopping cart icon.

To also better represent the word DIRECT. The cart icon is tilted upward to portray onward movement. The Phil word is cut into the shopping cart for two reasons. Firstly to create a recognisable icon that can stand on its own, and secondly to present a shopping cart icon that is original for the Phil Hallmark Direct business. The colours were kept as original.

Use the logo with the following caution at all times
Landscape Logo
a landscape version with the portrait rules.

A 15% spacing of total logo size must be observed at all times when placing the logo onto a platform with limited spacing.

It is wrong to box the logo or create an outline around it.

The Logo cannot be skewed, stretched or compressed to fit into spaces.

If logo finds a color contrast challenge, a monochrome version should be applied.


Ready for all applications

Two modifications were put into deriving a Hallmark Direct font that cannot be directly achieved by typing out the words on a fredoka typeface.