Color Profile

In order to identify the colors that will run bold in all design guides for Phil Hallmark Direct. We will call the Blue a “the Phil Blue” and the red a “Mud Red” the mud represents the popular red soil found in the demographics. The Phil blue represents trust and calm while the mud red signifies boldness and presence.

Furthermore, in the midpoint of the mixture of blue and red is the unavoidable purple. The brand will adopt this purple along with a complimenting color. Purple stands for royalty, class and creativity.
A pale or lighter feel of the three major colors are also identified for a complete spectrum for the Phil Hallmark Direct brand. The lighter Purple, lighter mud red and the light Phil Blue.

The Phil HallmarkDirect blue reads in RGB as 38% Red, 40% Green and 99% Blue. In CMYK it is Cyan 100% Magenta 98%, Yellow 30% and Black 21%. The color code is #262863.
The Hallmark Direct red the profile reads in RGB as Red 132%, Green 26% and Blue 30%. In CMYK it reads. Cyan 29%, Magenta 98%, Yellow 93% and Black is 34%. The color code is #841A1E
direct purple

The Phil Hallmark Direct purple

 RGB  Red 229%, Green 64% and Blue 227%. In CMYK it will read Cyan 29%, Magenta 79%, Yellow 0%, and Black 0%. The color code is #E540E3

Hallmark pen blue

Phil Hallmark Direct accent Blue

RGB Red 47, Green 1, and Blue 195. CMYK Cyan 89%, Magenta 89%, Yellow 0% and Black 0%. Color code is #2F01C3.


Pale Hallmark blue
Phil Hallmark Direct Blue a base wash

RGB Red 174, Green 177, and Blue 255. CMYK Cyan 30%, Magenta 28%, Yellow 0% and Black 0%. Color code is #AEB1FF.

Pale mud red
Mud Red base wash

RGB Red 254, Green 103, and Blue 108. And CMYK. Cyan 0%, Magenta 75%, Yellow 47% and Black 0%. The color code is #FE676C.

Pale purple

The Phil Hallmark Direct Purple Base wash

RGB Red 238, Green 177 and Blue 238. In CMYK Cyan 9%, Magenta 34%, Yellow 0% and Black 0%. The color code is #EEB1EE

white rectangle

Familiar White

RGB Red 0, Green 0, and Blue 0. CMYK Cyan 0%, Magenta 0%, Yellow 0% and Black 0%. Color code is #00000